5 Emails for a happier life

I stumbled upon an article by Eric Barker recently which inspired me immensely. He lists five simple emails to improve your social and professionell life. Granted, maybe some are pretty obvious but it’s good to hear them every once in a while. I’ll recap them just to have a short and condensed version to remind me. You can find more on the scientific background and additional resources in the original article.

Send a friend, relative or co-worker an email to say thanks

Every morning, you could send a friend, family member or co-worker an email to say thanks for something. Gratitude increases happiness and life satisfaction, for you and others.

Send your boss an email

At the end of every week, send your boss an email and sum up what you’ve accomplished. This ensures that your performance and your accomplishments are visible to your boss. It also strengthens your own awareness of your achievements and progress.

Email a potential mentor

Every week, you could email someone you admire, someone you could learn from. Personal growth is often inspired by others, by their critiques and advises.

Email a good friend and make plans

Don’t just use email to connect to people on the other side of the globe. Interrupt your maybe endless stream of newsletters in your inbox with personal messages. Check in with your friends, make plans to get together.

Send an email to an acquaintance

Email someone you know (but don’t know very well). Those acquaintances give you access to social networks where you don’t otherwise belong to. See what they are up to and create opportunities to learn something new or get insights into different topic areas outside your day to day life.